Be it a business meeting or a long, lazy Friday lunch – Mezze caters to your every whim and fancy. A lunch trip to Mezze would not be complete without tantalizing your taste buds with our much talked about Vietnamese-inspired beef noodles or one of our popular pastas.



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At Mezze we’re fortunate enough to work with some of the most passionate purveyors one can find here. They supply us produce that are grown naturally, with patience and where possible, locally. We’re always looking for new ideas and produce to share with you, so our menu is constantly changing and evolving.

Our tapas are complemented by a vivacious variety of small plates, charcuterie and cheese boards and we have a wide selection of main courses. Go ahead and pair them with an excellent wine, cocktail or whisky. cheese (Custom)bartender (Custom)charcuterie (Custom)


server (Custom) Flexibility is key to Mezze. Customers at the bistro or lounge can enjoy a full spread of tapas and main course or come in simply for a glass of red wine with a cheese platter; a coffee and a delicious dessert; or even just a perfect martini with a handful of harissa almonds.


Our Wines

Our resident sommelier, Sebastien Le Francois curates an impressive and unique wine list of over 200 labels that would make any wine lover swoon. It is a showcase of wines from the classically recognized to the interesting and wonderful.


The menus at Mezze have been influenced by our owners’ travels. Our cooking is rich and rooted in the past, peppered with modern innovations celebrated and infused.

We pride ourselves on sourcing and selecting the finest, artisanal charcuterie and cheese from the various regions of Spain and France. Our menu changes regularly with the seasons and inspirations are drawn from new ingredients becoming available.

Our extensive whisky range of over 100 labels is a sight to behold by itself. Enjoy the extensive selection, paired with an aromatic robust cigar.

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